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Two years passed since the Disaster of East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami. I am distressed to know that those people who have been living in the affected areas are still forced to have tough life both physically and mentally. The music Mr. Sakamoto has created is a response to those realities. And my answer to his music is to attempt not to be over expressive but trying to represent subtle difference of sadness and happiness in my visual images. I would like to thank Mr. Sakamoto (who I respect) for asking me to create visuals to his music. I also would like to thank Ms. Amy Kuroda for her generous contribution to perform in this video.(Kazunali Tajima)

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto was born in Tokyo in 1952 and made his debut in 1978 with the album “Thousand Knives”. Sakamoto's diverse résumé include his pioneering electronic works, globally-inspired rock, classical scores including an opera, and being a founding member of electronic music as a part of Yellow Magic Orchestra. His film soundtracks have won many prestigious awards such as an Academy Award for "the Last Emperor," two Golden Globes, a Grammy and a British Academy Award in addition to the several Japanese awards for his most famous film score, "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence". Following his 1999 opera, "LIFE," Sakamoto became outspoken on the issues of the environment, peace, and social issues. In reaction to 9/11, he edited an anti-war anthology, "Hisen (Non-war)". The same year, he founded "artists' power," an artists' organization that advocates the encouragement and use of renewable energy. Additionally Sakamoto has been consistently active in demanding denuclearization. In July 2007, he established an incorporated association, "more trees," and took part in educational activities about the prevention of global warming through reforestation. Since 3/11 in Japan, Sakamoto has been a strong voice for support and help for the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and the anthropogenic nuclear meltdown in Fukushima. In response, Sakamoto has launched the following three charity organizations: “kizunaworld”, “LIFE311“ and “School Music Revival“.. Sakamoto resides in New York City.

Kazunali Tajima

As a Tokyo based fashion, advertisement and documentary photographer and as a video/film director, Kazunali Tajima has shot both editorial and advertising projects for fashion magazines including commissioned work for ELLE JAPAN, various advertisements, TV commercials and numerous portraits of musicians . One of his renowned works include Tajima's documentary photo book of Ryuichi Sakamoto, "N/Y." photographed when Tajima lived in New York for several years expanding his career.