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About "modern interior"

'modern interior' was composed exclusively for Kizuna with the recent suffering and sacrifices of the Japanese people uppermost in mind. I'm an advocate for a nuclear energy free world and disasters, such as the one we've witnessed this year in Fukushima, only go to reinforce how volatile these kinds of facilities are with the inherent dangers far outweighing the potential good. These sentiments are echoed, somewhat obliquely, in the song itself.
- David Sylvian

Jan Bang

Norwegian musician/producer Jan Bang has been at the forefront of the Scandinavian Jazz and Electronica scene. From his work as successful pop producer in the 1990s his creative thrust and pioneering work in developing the concept of live remix- improvising with electronics alongside more conventional instruments and performers - has led today to him being constantly in-demand as producer and performer. In 2005 he launched, together with Erik Honoré the internationally renowned Punkt Festival where Bang’s live remix, his own musical instrument, works within the framework of overlapping concerts one being the original, the other the remix. Jan Bang’s solo album “….and poppies from Kandahar” is due for release on David Sylvian’s Samadhisound label.

David Sylvian

David Sylvian is a world renowned musician respected for his solo work and that created in collaboration with musicians from phenomenally diverse backgrounds and disciplines.