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About the Great East Japan Earthquake
Recovery and Aid Project ""

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tomoyasu Hirano are the co-founders of this project. In order to support the restoration and rebuilding of the disaster area as quickly as possible, artists will give their works in exchange for donations, and through this activity raise even more funds. The money raised will be given to the five organizations* we have identified as necessary to the rebuilding.

We are also thinking of adding artwork by other artists endorsing this endeavor as time goes on, to keep the project fresh with newly donated works. By doing so, this will become more than a temporary, one-shot project but rather something that can continue long-term. We want to continue and extend our assistance to the stricken area through this project for as long as the need is there.
* The aid organizations receiving donations may be added to or changed depending on circumstances.

Administration and Management

This project is jointly administered and managed by Kab Inc. and DigitalStage Co. Ltd. DigitalStage Co. Ltd. will have the administrative responsibility of getting your donation to the five organizations we have identified as necessary to the rebuilding.
We will treat your donation, less the required PayPal transaction fee, as a deposit and contribute the total amount.

Important Information Regarding Donations

• Your donation, less the required PayPal transaction fee, will be treated as a deposit and the total amount will be contributed.
The monies received through our transaction with you will absolutely unequivocally be held as a donation with the purpose of being contributed.
The rights to view the artworks are being given as gifts by the artists as an expression of their gratitude for your contributions. You are not purchasing the viewing rights.
• Donations are non-refundable once they have been processed.
• Donations to are not tax-deductible.
• No receipts are being issued.


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