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The music is made with instruments and objects found around me, and it is based on the melody evoked by the word "kizuna (bond)"
Small sound, soft sound, far sound, foggy sound, and insensible sound…..many of those were accumulated.

There have not been many positive topics to share, rather there are still grim endurances, and struggles continue. I made this song with a strong wish that activities like "kizunaworld" will connect people with hope for a better day to come.

Hiroshi Takano

Born in 1964. Hiroshi Takano made a debut as a singer produced by Yukihiro Takahashi in 1988.
Since then up to 2011, Takano has released 16 albums including best of compilations and live albums.
The most current album is entitled "Kameleon pop" (2011).
In 2006, Takano also released his very first instrumental album entitled "Music for breakfast" under the name of "HAAS a.k.a. Hiroshi Takano" co-produced by Goro Ito. Since the late 90's, Takano has been also actively involved in the works of HASYMO, Haruomi Hosono, The Beatniks (Yukihiro Takahashi + Keiichi Suzuki), Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi, Towa Tei, Kazufumi Miyazawa, Moreno-Domenico-Kassin+2, and many other's for their albums and live concerts.