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Nawa made this movie by taking the essence from the original drawings created for his solo exhibition entitled “Kohei Nawa – SYNTHESIS” at The Modern Art Museum of Tokyo in 2011. Using "droplets" of paint that are placed randomly in a grid which represent the behavior of a "cell" that repeat its creation and destruction. This became the first collaboration between Nawa and Sakamoto as Sakamoto composed the music for the movie.

Kohei Nawa

Born in 1975. Nawa draws attention in the area of contemporary art as a sculptor. Nawa is an associate professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design as a senior advisor of comprehensive sculpture. His creation varies based on the unique concept of “PixCell = Pixel + Cell” as his axis. In 2009, Nawa launched his creative platform named “SANDWICH” in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. He has also had a solo exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Tokyo in June 2011. Nawa is preparing to set up his large-scale outdoor sculpture “Manifold” in Cheonan, Korea and will have simultaneous exhibitions in 2 locations of ARARIO galleries in Korea in Fall 2012.