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About "kizuna world"

kizuna world is the second project by This project is a collaboration between Ryuichi Sakamoto, with his new piece composed after the 3.11 earthquake, and photos of the afflicted area taken by the members of Japan Visual Journalist Association (JVJA). This piece of work explores the tragedy caused by nature and other man-made disasters (the TEPCO Nuclear plant crisis in Fukushima). Sakamoto composed the original piece, “kizuna world” for the promotional video for the 3/11 Tsunami Photo Project (Kodansha). Inspired by this, the video project, kizuna world, was created with the permission of Kodansha.

This new version, “kizuna world – arve henriksen + pf mix,” is intended solely for, consisting of the performance by the Norwegian composer and trumpet player, Arve Henriksen, and Sakamoto’s piano performance.

kizuna world movie end credit

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto with Arve Henriksen
Photography: JVJA / fotgazet
Movie: Tomoyasu Hirano with Norika Sora

Music: ©+℗ 2011 kab inc. (JRC) All rights reserved
Photographs: ©2011 Takashi Morizumi, Yasuhiro Kunimori, Munesuke Yamamoto, Masaya Noda, Mizue Furui, Fuminori Sato, Masanori Kobayashi, Kown Choul, Kazuma Momoi, Naomi Toyoda, Takeharu Watai All rights reserved
The music kizuna world is originally written by Ryuichi Sakamoto for 3/11 Tsunami Photo Project by Kodansha Ltd.

Arve Henriksen

Arve Henriksen is a Norwegian trumpet player, vocalist, and composer. He has collaborated with various artists on the ECM label. Furthermore, he has produced records with traditional Japanese instrumentation such as the koto, biwa and shakuhachi. Recently, he has been creating pieces focused on vocals.


The Japan Visual Journalist Association is a group of photo and video journalists formed right before the 2002 Iraq War. Currently with 14 members in locations around the world, the journalists report on wars and disasters around the globe. On 3/11, after the earthquake and the tsunami hit, all of the members began coverage in Japan. The few members who already were following other sites of nuclear contamination were able to immediately begin coverage of the Fukushima disaster, preventing the government’s effort to conceal details of the accident by distributing information from the source.


The Japan Visual Journalist Association also publishes fotgazet, an online magazine. JAVA released a free extra edition entitled “Tsunami and Nuclear Contamination.”