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The piece of music I have made, actually made itself.
Like the awful disaster, it was an accident.
The Tsunami and the consequences of nature and man, touched me with horror on every level, inside and outside of my body and soul.
"Time", the piece of music which made itself, is a response in its simplest form.
I found it hard to find a sound, or music which could possibly help me think about the feelings of everyone touched by this horror.
Time might heal a little, in time.
We are small on this planet and must look up and around us.
Respect one another and nature.
Homo sapiens are young creatures.
May peace prevail on earth
(Simon Fisher Turner)

When I first heard Simon Fisher Turner's sound, I felt it as a chime for entering in to a new phase of the world. The future ahead of us is not a simple bright one but I have a feeling there is an omen of a beautiful relationship that might begin. In order for us to recover from 311 disaster, we must have a new way of thinking which never existed before. Further more, we are questioned about how we can have a mature society. I would be happy to be able to take a part in moving forward to the next phase somehow by participation in “kizunaworld”.
(Shiro Takatani)

Simon Fishre Turner

I am alive and listening to sounds every second. I record "life sounds" and play all sorts of instruments. I love to collaborate. My work has been with visual artists and film makers and musicians from all around the earth. I am lucky. I am a pasifist.

Shiro Takatani

Artist. Born in 1963. Takatani has been involved in Dumb Type since the 80’s as one of the founders. In his solo activities, Takatani created his own video installations since 1990 and also directed performances such as “La Chambre Claire” (2008) and “CHROMA” (2012). In 2007, Takatani traveled to the Arctic (Greenland and Iceland) joining the arctic expedition project “Cape Farewell” (U.K.) which pioneers the cultural response to climate change. He also has done many collaboration works with various artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Fujiko Nakaya, Simon Fisher Turner, among others.