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The video is edited together with over 20,000 still images of the sky one day from dawn till dusk. Much like national borders, “time” doesn't have a divisive line unless people draw them. Such as "post 9.11" or "pre 3.11".

Shiro Takatani

Takatani has been involved Dumb Type since 80’s as one of the founders.
In his solo activities, Takatani did visual direction for the Ryuichi Sakamoto's opera LIFE in 1999. In 2007, Takatani traveled to the Arctic (Greenland and Iceland) joining the arctic expedition project “Cape Farewell” (U.K.). He created the audio-visual installation LIFE – fluid, invisible, inaudible… in collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto, commissioned by YCAM. In 2008, his performance Die Helle Kammer (La Chambre Claire) was premiered at “Theater der Welt” in Germany. Also he made many collaboration works with Fujiko Nakaya, fog sculptor since 2001. His new performance CHROMA has been premiered in 2012.