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This song is our unconscious musical response to the harrowing events that took place in Japan on 3/11/11. What emerged from our effort was a sound of hope that we wish will translate into the emotional and physical rebuilding of Japan.

Solo Andata

Solo Andata is Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco, an experimental band from Australia whose work has been described as ‘beyond the expected domain of textural and analytical microsound-type composition’ (Boomkat); their ‘real-world sound-capturing ... is as creative and sonically inclined as the playing of any instrument’ (Popmatters);
Their debut album Fyris Swan (HEFTY!057) received critical acclaim and attention, particularly from 12k head Taylor Deupree who, having met Solo Andata in Melbourne in 2007 at a live show (Live In Melbourne 12k2008), invited them to release their next full-length album through 12k (Self-Titled 12k1056). ‘All in all it’s everything I love about contemporary "ambient" music. It has soul, and a perfect balance of emotional chromatic content and slight abstraction. Magical music and a work of beauty and harmony’ (Fluid Radio).
Overall, Solo Andata utilises very little, if any, electronic instruments; their third album, Ritual (Desire Path Recordings 2010) was made up from such sounds as chants, cleavers, gongs, the vibration of human cancer cells, wildlife recordings, prepared piano and guitar. ‘[D]istant voices or discreet “electronic” flashes can be heard deep in the background, covered with crackles and statics, while nearer the surface, muffled percussive sounds, ranging from wooden to bells and other metallic aspects, mark the piece with insistent irregularity as ambient noises morph into sound waves, which in turn decay until they are wiped out of the spectrum and replaced with another cycle of sonic evolution, and another after it’ (The Milk Factory).
Solo Andata are currently working on their next full-length album.