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"I only know a small part about you
and that's not enough to understand
what you're really like
people are deeper than that

I know a small part about you
and that small part is enough
I don't need to know more
we only need to be together"

Yuko Araki (MI-GU)

The Highlights to Date
Starting drumming for Cornelius in 1998; went on tour with Cornelius to Glastonbury, Reading, and other famous music festivals.
Formed MI-GU in 2003, releasing the first album “migu” on British label Ochre Record and on Atsugua Records in Japan; the second album "from space" was released by Atsugua Records in 2006; and in 2009, Ryuichi Sakamoto's label, Commmons released the third album "pulling from above".
Started drumming for Plastic Ono Band in 2009, touring with the band to London, Los Angeles, Reykjavik, New York and Tokyo, and performing on stage with Lady Gaga and Iggy Pop in LA; have formed a unit called IF BY YES, which comprises 4 members(Petra Haden, Yuka Honda, shimmy and Yuko).
In 2012, Sean Lennon's record label Chimera Music released the best album "Choose The Light" in USA & Canada.“Choose The Light”collects tracks from MI-GU’S three albums, selected by Chimera Music, remastered by MI-GU and available on CD & vinyl as well.

Sakana Hosomi

Hosomi has been active by having several stage names as Maju, neina, hosomi and Livingstone Daisy.
His sound creations that filled with organic and subtlety have acquired many fans in Japan and abroad.
Hosomi had 5 albums released by Australia's EXTREME under the name of Maju, 2 albums released by Germany's Mille Plateaux under the name of neina and there are many other releases including participations on "click+cut" and "plop" 's compilations.


Born in Hiroshima in 1966.
Illustrator, art director, artist.
Started by the end of the 1980s working as a versatile creator specializing in
drawing, painting, illustration, art direction, graphic design, photography, dress-making,
fine arts, writing, and etc.
Known for his characteristic figures featuring long-necked women.