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About "KIZUNA - prayer for Japan -"

The animated work “KIZUNA” (roughly meaning ‘human bond’ in Japanese) is by the Italian contemporary artist Valerio Berruti It was released in Japan in January 2011. Ryuichi Sakamoto created the music for the animation at the end of 2010. With Mr. Berruti’s consent, this piece has been available on YouTube since March 17th in hopes of aiding the relief effort in some way. Also through Mr. Berruti’s courtesy, the project has been named “”.
The total amount of contributions collected, less PayPal’s transaction fees, will be donated in equal amounts to the five organizations we have selected.

Valerio Berruti

Although still a young man in his 30’s, Valerio Berruti has already won various awards for his contemporary art. In 2009, his art was chosen for the Venice Biennale as a talented, budding Italian contemporary artist. His works ranges from using traditional fresco techniques, animation, sculpture, and reliefs.